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How to buy Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

Jan. 07, 2020

With the increasing popularity of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, I believe many customers will find it difficult to choose a machine. Today, we will discuss how to choose a fiber laser cutter.

When you decide to buy a fiber laser cutting machine, the first thing to consider is not the price. First, confirm whether this fiber laser cutting machine can meet your needs.

So how do you know if this fiber laser cutting machine can meet your job?

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

(1)If your production line requires a special fiber laser cutting machine, then you first need to confirm whether this company has such experience before. It is best to ask them to provide you with relevant fiber laser cutting machine sample success stories.

(2) Learn more about fiber laser cutting machine, different specifications, different prices. There is no need to choose the best specifications, only the specifications can meet your job needs. That would be enough.

(3) In the negotiation, in this step, we must pay attention to the configuration of the fiber laser cutting machine. If you ask for a very, very low price, some suppliers will change the configuration of the fiber laser cutter. So you better tell them the same configuration, what price can they give you?

As a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Supplier has the top domestic machinery and equipment industries, including CNC flexible machining centers, CNC machine tools, large milling machines and other equipment, as well as CNC machining workshops, sheet metal welding workshops, sandblasting and shot blasting workshops. By completing the digital upgrade of production equipment, the manufacturing precision and processing ability are continuously improved from the hardware, which guarantees the quality and precision of key components of the product, thereby ensuring the stability and invariance of the entire product.

The difference between fiber laser cutting machine and plasma cutting machine is that, due to their respective advantages, they are widely used in current machining production, laser cutting and plasma cutting technology. Fiber laser cutting machine, as a new type of tool, has become more and more mature and suitable for various industries.

The fiber laser cutting machine uses a laser beam emitted from a laser generator to focus on a high power density laser beam irradiation condition through an optical path system. The workpiece material absorbs the laser heat, and the temperature of the workpiece rises sharply. After reaching the boiling point, the material starts to evaporate and form holes. In addition, the high-pressure gas coaxial with the beam directly removes the molten metal, thereby achieving the purpose of cutting. This shows that the laser cutting process is very different from the machining process of a machine tool. CNC plasma cutting machine is a new type of thermal cutting equipment. It is working principle is to use high-temperature plasma arc heating to partially melt the metal at the cutout of the workpiece. Then, the molten metal is removed by high-speed plasma momentum to form a slit. Plasma cutting machines are becoming increasingly popular, and the use of working gases has a significant impact on the cutting characteristics of the plasma arc as well as the cutting quality and speed. Our company also has Laser Cutting Machine for Sale on sale, welcome to consult.

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