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How to Choose the Cost-effective Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

Jul. 18, 2019

Laser Equipment Manufacturer teaches you how to choose the cost-effective Fiber Laser Cutting Machine.

1. Material

First, we should consider the thickness of the material, which materials we need to cut, and then determine the power of the equipment and the size of the workbench. The power of laser cutting machines currently on the market ranges from 500W to 8000W.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

2. The initial selection of brand

After determining the requirements, we can select and understand the appropriate models on the laser machine manufacturer's website. After that, we can come to the factory to inspect the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine and determine the price of the machine. And discuss the training methods of the machine, as well as payment methods and after-sales services.

3. Selection of laser power

Power is critical, and the maximum thickness of different power cutting materials varies. To know what kind of power we need, it's best to know to the professional sales staff and technicians and let them give a good suggestion. Choosing the right power can be a great help for your company's cost control.

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