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Fire Protection Precautions for Metal Laser Cutting Machines

Aug. 09, 2019

When using metal laser cutting machines, attention should be paid to fire prevention measures. Taking good fire prevention measures can ensure the safety of our metal laser cutting machine.

Then, what kind of fire prevention matters should be paid attention to when using metal laser cutting machine? The Laser Cutting Machine Factory has the following recommendations:

China Laser Cutting Machine

China Laser Cutting Machine

1. When using the metal laser cutting machine, check whether the gas path is completely sealed. If there is a leak, it will cause the burning of these flammable gases;

2. The Metal Laser Cutting Machine should be used away from open flames, otherwise, it is easy to fire due to excessive temperature;

3. Do not let the spot of the metal laser cutting machine stay in one place at all times to effectively prevent fire.

When using the China Laser Cutting Machine, be sure to pay attention to the above fire prevention items to ensure the safety of the metal laser cutting machine.

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