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Laser Cutting Machine Requirements for Placement Environment

Aug. 20, 2019

Many users are not very clear about the environmental requirements for purchasing laser cutting machines. They think that laser cutting machines are large-scale equipment, and the requirements for the site are not too high. This is actually a wrong idea. The Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is a precision machining equipment that requires some processing environment to maintain the equipment. Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Supplier introduces you to the basic environmental requirements.

The grounding requirements of the laser cutting machine are flat. The unevenness of the machine tool installation cannot be higher than 8mm. The equipment must be placed on the same continuous and flat ground. The ground must be kept dry. The thickness of the concrete floor should exceed 20cm. The ground amplitude requirement is less than 50um, vibration acceleration. Less than 0.05g, do not be placed in the vicinity of a large number of punching equipment; if there are other equipment around the punching machine, the foundation needs to be treated with anti-shock ditch, and the anti-vibration ditch is recommended to be 50cm wide and 100cm deep. It is necessary to place materials that absorb energy like cinder and gravel. The Metal Laser Cutting Machine processing space needs to be smoke-free and dust-free, and it is strictly forbidden to work in a dusty environment. The temperature of the equipment power cabinet should be kept within 10-30 degrees, and the humidity should be less than 70%. If the temperature is not up to standard, it is recommended to install the air conditioner.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

When the layout of our equipment is fixed, we must determine the dust removal direction of the machine. If the dust removal equipment needs to be placed outdoors, it should not be too far away from the laser cutting machine to avoid affecting the dust removal effect. We also need to leave enough space on both sides of the device to facilitate the placement of other matching equipment.

The above is the purchase of the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine requirements for the placement environment, hoping to help a wide range of users in need to select equipment.

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