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How to Maintain Laser Cutting Machine in Summer?

Jun. 22, 2019

The hot summer is coming, and the temperature is gradually rising, the Laser Cutting Machine must be well cooled and maintained during the summer work. Scientific maintenance can not only avoid some minor faults, improve cutting efficiency, but also improve the service life of some accessories. Today Laser Equipment Manufacturer would share with you some methods to maintain laser cutting machine.

Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Machine

1. Maintenance cooling system.

The temperature rises in summer,the working pressure of the cooling system of the laser cutters increases. It is recommended to check the internal pressure of the cooling machine before the high temperature comes. The pressure of the equipment of different manufacturers is not the same. It is recommended to consult the equipment manufacturer before maintenance.

In summer, due to the higher temperature, the deterioration rate of cooling water will also be accelerated. It is recommended that users of Laser Cutters use regular distilled water or pure water, and regularly clean the scale to avoid causing the scale of the laser and the pipe to affect the laser power. The method of cleaning the scale by different types of laser cutting machines is also different. Please operate under the guidance of the equipment manufacturer.

2. Avoid condensation.

The temperature of the cooling water should not differ too much from the air temperature. Both the laser and the optical lens of the laser cutting machine use water cooling method. Since the water in the air will condense into water when it is cold, when the temperature of the cooling water is lower than room temperature 5-7 degrees, the surface of the laser and the optical lens will have water condensation. Condensation greatly affects the light-emitting efficiency of the laser and the light transmission of the optical lens, which has a great influence on the laser energy and the service life of the optical component. The laser and the cutting head are separated by water cooling. It is recommended that the user set the laser to a low temperature. The water temperature is about 26 degrees, the water temperature of the cutting head and the fiber is about 30 degrees (depending on the temperature and humidity values), and the summer switching sequence is strictly observed.

3. Guide rail maintenance.

The guide rails should be cleaned frequently to remove dust and other debris, ensuring that the transmission parts of the equipment are lubricated and free of debris. Regular cleaning and lubrication can ensure accurate positioning of the machine during the process to achieve more accurate cutting and improve product quality.

4. Control cabinet.

Since the dust of the laser cutting machine is mainly metal powder, it is recommended to periodically clean the dust in the control cabinet of the laser cutting machine and check the working condition of the cooling fan.

In general, the climatic characteristics of each season are very different. The laser cutting machine belongs to the processing equipment with high precision and relatively high precision. The scientific and orderly maintenance of the climate characteristics can effectively avoid the small problems in the laser cutting process. And improve the life of the laser cutting machine.

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