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What should I do with the Metal Laser Cutting Machine?

Nov. 19, 2019

The Fiber Laser Cutting Machine has become an important thing in sheet metal processing. The advantages of high cutting precision and high efficiency are that the laser cutting machine is sensitive to the market. As usual, when we use a laser cutting machine for machining, occasionally, the slitting gap is large, and then the cutting precision of the formed workpiece is lowered, failing to meet the production requirements. What should I do if I cut a large slit with the Metal Laser Cutting Machine?

CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Check if there is a problem with the focal length, especially pay attention to the change of the focal length after cleaning the lens and replacing the new lens, and adjust the correct focal length value.

Check the lens for damage or dirt. This will cause the laser to scatter, causing the laser beam to become thicker. The replacement may be the only way to clean the lens.

The laser tube is also an element that can not be neglected. Check the quality of the light spot of the laser tube. If there is a bright spot or a spot that is not round, hollow, etc., it is the support point of the laser tube. The direction is suitable! The solution needs to adjust the support, the direction of rotation, and the replacement. Laser tube.

Laser cutting machines often have some shortcomings in the application process. This requires us to do maintenance work, as usual, to ensure the efficient and long-lasting operation of the laser cutting machine, and to create maximum value for users.

When the laser cutting machine is in normal operation, in addition to the operating table and the processing machine, some other auxiliary equipment is needed to ensure its normal operation. What auxiliary equipment is available for general laser cutting machines?

Auxiliary devices for laser cutting machines include air compressors and chillers, which are indispensable for cutting quality and cutting results.

In order to achieve a relatively high cutting quality and effect, it is necessary to clean dry and stable air. The function of the air compressor is to supply a part of high-purity oxygen and high-purity nitrogen to the cutting head, and the other part as a power source to the cylinder of the clamping table, and then a part to purge and dust the optical system.

The chiller is a device for ensuring that the laser cutting machine works under constant temperature conditions. The laser cutting machine generates a large amount of heat during the processing. If it is not cooled in time, the laser parts will be overheated and damaged, and the chiller has a chiller. The protection allows the laser cutting machine to be processed at a constant temperature. Auxiliary equipment for laser cutting machines is important to it.

A laser cutting machine is a relatively common processing tool. Metal laser cutting machine has low cost, stable performance, and wide cutting materials. What is the quality and speed of product cutting:

The CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is available in both cold and hot working. There are many methods such as sawing machine cutting, wire cutting processing, water cutting, shearing board cutting, punching processing, and drilling processing. Thermal processing methods Cutting methods mainly include plasma cutting and laser cutting. The laser cutting speed is fast, the efficiency is high, and the cutting quality is much better than the plasma.

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