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What should I Pay Attention to when Setting up Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

Mar. 04, 2020

As a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Supplier, share with you. Laser cutting machine technology has always been sought after by many people, so before the laser cutting machine has not appeared in a large number of applications when cutting metal plates, the oxyacetylene and plasma methods are usually used to complete the cutting operation. What problems should be paid attention to when setting up a fiber laser cutting machine? I believe many people have encountered similar problems. Before using Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, the prepared drawings will be imported into the program, and then the graphics will be arranged on a board by using typesetting software, so that the laser cutting machine can batch process the products. The typesetting is a fiber laser cutting machine an important step in the process, if the layout is not correct, it will not only reduce the work efficiency, waste the processing material, but also directly affect the cutting effect of the entire processing material.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

1. Corner melting: When the corner is cut, a deceleration process is performed to generate a small radius at the corner so that high-speed cutting can be maintained to avoid melting of the steel plate due to long cutting time, thereby obtaining good cutting quality and reducing cutting time. And increase productivity.

2. Spacing of parts: Generally, when cutting thick plates and hot plates, the spacing between the parts should be large, because the heat influence of the hot plates of the thick plates is large. When cutting corners and small graphics, it is easy to burn edges and affect the cutting quality.

3. Lead setting: In the process of cutting thick plates by laser cutting machine, in order to make the cutting seam connect well and prevent the beginning and end burns, a transition line is often introduced at the beginning and end of the cutting, which is called leads and tail lines respectively.

4. Co-edge cutting: Combine two or more parts into a combination. Large-volume regular graphics should be co-edge as much as possible. Co-edge cutting can greatly reduce the cutting time and save raw materials.

5. Parts collision: In order to maximize production efficiency, many laser cutting equipment is continuously running for 24 hours, and use unmanned automatic loading / unloading device to collide with overturned parts after cutting and cause damage to the cutting head. Production interruption brings large losses.

6. Residual material treatment: After the laser cutting machine cuts the parts, the skeleton-like residual material on the table of the laser cutting equipment needs to be removed as soon as possible to facilitate subsequent cutting operations. For laser cutting equipment without an automatic unloading device, the skeleton-shaped residual material can be cut into small pieces to facilitate rapid removal.

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