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Soot Governance Problem with Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Sep. 19, 2019

When we purchase the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, in addition to economics, we can not ignore the efficiency of its dust control and its long-lasting effect. Because in the current situation of increasing energy conservation, emission reduction, green environmental protection, environmental protection, and strict investigation of production, when the machine and equipment motor is selected, its environmental protection characteristics often have the right to veto one vote. Fiber laser cutting machine does not produce a lot of harmful smoke like traditional plasma cutting or other cutting methods, but there will still be some, which will damage the health of the operators and surrounding people. Laser cutting operations can use both localized soot treatment and on-site full ventilation to reduce the impact. Today, most Laser Cutting Machine Factory laser cutting equipment has a dust removal device. In addition, wet processing and dry processing are generally employed.

Fabric Laser Cutting Machine

Fabric Laser Cutting Machine

Wet processing method - the so-called wet processing method is also called wet cutting. In fact, it is to make a water bed cutting platform, place the workpiece in water or water surface, then complete the cutting operation underwater or close to the water surface, and use water to capture the cutting process. The smoke generated in the process exceeds the purpose of beautifying the environment.

Dry test process - dry test process is also called dry test laser cutting, which is to upgrade a set of dust collection equipment for the laser cutting operation platform, and immediately transfer the collected dust to the dust filter soot purifier. Sewage is given after passing the test.

Most of the dust caused by the Fabric Laser Cutting Machine is generated directly under the steel wound, so the vacuum-type air pressure laser cutting service platform becomes the most common dust collection equipment at this stage. In order to save investment in machinery and equipment projects and improve the efficiency of exhaust ventilation, the smaller the suction volume exceeds the higher dust collection amount - only the area in the cut-off area is cleaned. Therefore, the cutting table is along the main rail of the cutting machine. The small area that is divided into seals is open to the outlet. The suction port operates in a side suction type moving suction port and a portion of the valve suction port on the sidewall of the vacuum chamber. Among them, the former is widely used because of its simple structure, reliable work and good practical effect of ash removal.

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