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Beauty Carving series Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Product Name: Beauty Carving series Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Dual servo motor drive

Feature Of CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine:

1/Dual servo motor drive

2/Higher stability, higher speed and faster acceleration

3/Single platform design for easier use

4/Compact design and smaller floor space

For use in:

Suitable for cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum sheet, copper sheet and other metal materials

Technical Parameters Of Fiber Optic Laser Cutting Machine 

Working area3000mm*1500mm4000mm*2000mm6000mm*2500mm
X axis3050mm4050mm6050mm
Y axis1550mm2050mm2550mm
Z axis90mm90mm90mm
X,Y axis positionaI accuracy±0.03mm/m±0.03mm/m±0.03mm/m
X,Y axis repeated positioning accuracy±0.01mm±0.01mm±0.01mm
Maximum fixing speed90m/min120m/min120m/min
Maximum acceleration0.8G0.8G0.8G
Laser power500w/800w/1000w/1500w
Dimension of machine4900*2200*1400
The installation area of machine6900*3700*14007900*4200*14009100*4200*1400

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