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Pre-sale services/solutions

Pre-sale services/solution

Understand user's needs and provide best solution . When we clearly understand the user's needs, we will provide users with model selection, process planning, process optimization, time calculation optimization, laser parameter selection, capacity evaluation, quality assurance, cost analysis, automated package evaluation, and automated risk analysis. Suggestions for users to help users achieve their goals.

After-sales service and training

After sales service and training

The after-sales service and training service department is committed to providing efficient and excellent service, ensuring that the company communicates well with users and quickly assists users in solving problems. Through the monitoring of service quality and the collection of information, we have established a set of scientific service guarantee mechanism. We have made clear requirements on the response time of users for repair. The rate of primary repair is higher than 95%, and the rate of favorable comments from users is higher than 95%.

In order to let users fully understand the functions of our products, master the technical characteristics and use them skillfully, we have established the FMC project department to provide users with systematic and comprehensive training so that product performance can be obtained. Effectively play to create maximum value for users.

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